Why are there 800 thousand people watch a watermelon is how the band Le burst

ring  Buzzfeed released its latest product - a video app called BuzzFeed Video,
and an international instant messaging App BuzzFeed NEWS.
Buzzfeed also follow live trend,
made a look very boring live show - about 800000 people watch a watermelon is how the rubber band around the burst.
Its selected explosion watermelon this theme seems to be two,
but in fact there is a big mystery.
two BuzzFeed employees sit at a table,
dressed in overalls,
wearing goggles,
in the middle of a watermelon and a bunch of rubber bands.
Their task was to test the watermelon for how long it would last after it had been put on a piece of rubber.
In an hour,
the stress on the watermelon and the audience showed exponential growth.
By social networking site Facebook live,
at the peak once about 800000 people watching at the same time.
At the end of the video,
buzzfeed received over 318000 comments and shared it with over 8400 people.
The experiment of BuzzFeed quickly spawned imitators,
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