This ampamp regret not regret

ring  about it today and regret it.
We always choose,
and always regret when we choose.
When we are old,
it is a bit sad if we regret too much.
When I was a child,
I always wanted to grow up quickly.
When I grew up,
I always wanted to go back to childhood.
When you grow up,
you will begin to experience different life,
begin to make different choices,
and begin to regret.
Some things are not necessary to regret,
and some regret can be avoided.
Although everyone knows the truth,
but the truth is the truth,
remember that the heart may be useful at some point,
for example.
Dont regret and some people encounter or separation if not met the TA.
now what they really want to return to,
who met and are unable to change the past part company each going his own way,
because there is no good,
because can meet the.
Dont regret having been in love with TA.
You once thought,
this person is the person I spend the rest of my life with.
Did you regret it? Recalled once together day,
the mouth