These are cheap and can pretend to buy a small car must be cool

ring a friend asked me to say I love the car especially sports car,
but the car is really too expensive simply can not afford to buy,
there is no appearance at work,
the most inexpensive civilian small car,
to recommend a few,
so I gave him recommended the following car.
- modern lawns - cool (import) price 23.
96 lawns - cool body size is 4630*1865*1385mm,
wheelbase 2820mm.
Cool carrying 2.
0T 260 horsepower L4 and 3.
8L 347 horsepower V6 engine,
matching 6 shift manual and 8 shift manual gearbox.
Lawns - cool price is very close to the people,
the entry-level manual is 2.
time is low with 8 speed tiptronic automatic transmission models,
and even large displacement of V6 engine,
but the price is close to 400 thousand.
Cool appearance of fashion,
0T engine power,
configuration higher.
In terms of handling,
it does not compromise on comfort,
not for sheer manipulation,
because it is not a pure track sport car.
In addition,
the wheelbase of cool even 2820mm,
even if it is,
it is only suitable f