Teach you how to eat meat, not fat, follow these ten dishes to do properly

letinous edodes,
send you a letinous edodes Braised Tofu,
for meat lovers,
if the lack of meat dishes,
what is the fun of life?! But the summer is coming,
in order to wear nice clothes,
a lot of people are determined to abandon the love of meat.
But as long as the amount of intake,
and choose a healthy way of cooking to eat meat,
the meat is not long.
Carnivorous animal fast action ~ finishing release / is do not eat fat food | 1.
ingredients: 300g | boiled shrimp shrimp,
garlic 3,
ginger 2,
liquor 50ml,
50ml oil,
soy sauce 15ml.
Practice: 1,
shrimp bought with water after a 30 minutes,
garlic into garlic,
ginger cut into 1 pieces of Jiang Rong,
the other 1 pieces of ginger slices.
another dish of fresh water to just cover the shrimp,
pour 30ml liquor.
their beard and shrimp head