Reporters interviewed on the Road civilization comity, return on the road was...

ring  station with comity cards at the zebra crossing to remind the traffic reporter Wu Yiying photo good living! This is the first sentence of a journalist who has just been through a traffic accident.
Yesterday afternoon,
the reporter interviewed the first batch of civilized demonstration Ningbo zebra crossing situation.
According to the reporter observed the scene,
strict control measures effect is obvious.
But at the end of the interview,
a reporter with a car without a slow car was hit in a zebra crossing the road back to the unit.
Two different zebra zebra pattern: arrange the Police Association and the volunteers to warn the vehicle passing vehicles through the intersection of almost all will automatically slow down the afternoon of May 10th,
the Ningbo municipal civilization office led joint Ningbo City Public Security Bureau and other 10 units jointly issued in 2016 in Ningbo city civilized travel series of activities to implement the program.
One of the focuses of the meeting is that