Reflect on the earthquake reconstruction, Sichuan official software can not keep up, hardware everywhere

ring e,
the Sichuan provincial housing department deputy director Qiu Jian,
Dujiangyan city is aided by Shanghai,
building schools,
the hardware facilities than three fortunately,
but theres no doctor,
nurse can not keep up,
the intern reporter Luo Ruiyao meet the eye everywhere,
I say it today but the results,
too much.
but the problem really exists.
(reconstruction) of large investment,
high cost,
and high standard ,
eight years after the Wenchuan earthquake since the reconstruction of experience,
Sichuan provincial housing department deputy director,
chief planner Qiu Jian said that the main lesson is: should be more rational and practical implementation of the reconstruction work,
avoid the investment cost is too large,
standard the problem of high; we should also increase to match the hardware and software talents in the disaster area.
2016 was the Wenchuan earthquake,
8th anniversary.
In May 12th,
in Wenchuan,
Yaan hosted the two earthquake disaster recovery and reconstruc