Is the list of the richest University Libraries in the mainland your alma mater?

ring e say that the university library is the materialization of its soul.
Whose library is the most beautiful,
whose library is the most intimate,
and whose library has the most feelings,
these appraisals can always win.
The pragmatic squash school (pumpkinschool) is concerned with another question: which library has the most money? This paper from the school: Pumpkin ID:pumpkinschool long according to the recognition of two-dimensional code attention profile for the tens of millions of students in University circles the first public university,
the original,
secret code,
PubMed Raiders,
job information,
a master.
I do not know if you have such an experience: there is a much-needed book,
but the library can not find the school,
other peoples homes,
schools have,
inter school transfer,
but also a sum of money.
Papers need a very important article,
but their library has not bought a database to download,
really want to cry without tears ah.
Both of these are related to an important topic.