Interpretation of Western media analysis, Latin American left-wing regime has fallen, there are common reasons

ring News Network May 14 daily west media said the Latin American left-wing totem like Domino,
with a relentless fall.
Although the policies of Chavez,
the Labour Party and Morales of Bolivia differ from each other,
they belong to the left wing.
The more than 10 year left wing in South America has heard the death knell.
According to Spains national newspaper website on May 12th article,
in Venezuela to high inflation and high crime rate recently suffered a heavy blow to the Chavez doctrine in the legislature; the Kirchner doctrine has been out of the office of the president; President Morales has clearly hopeless; even the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet for pure fame because of his son involved in financial scandals by now defiled; started by Lula,
Rosoff inherited and throughout South America highly respected political program was a way to impeachment,
the whole of Brazil into recession and corrupt ice.
On May 12th,
in the office of the president of Prana Alto house,
on be