Europeans believe that China has overtaken the United States as a global superpower

ring News Network reported on May 14th,
media said,
if the Europeans in one thing coincide with Donald Trump,
then the United States is losing to china.
China is trying to improve its image in Europe and,
by the way,
invested a lot of money.
The Chinese are gaining influence and friends.
According to Bloomberg News website on May 12th article,
a global study of Pugh,
the major countries in Europe,
the vast majority of people think that Chinese will replace the United States as the global superpower,
or Chinese has replaced the United States.
Pugh in this study,
the blue color represents the view to China will never replace the United States as the superpower ,
to Chinese gray represents views will replace or has replaced the United States as the superpower .
The countries from left to right are France,
Italy and Poland.
The same study shows that in Germany and France,
more and more people believe that China,
not the United States,
is the worlds leading econo