Ali earnings exceeded Wall Street expected to impact the world's twentieth largest economy

of last quarter,
Alibaba revenue 24 billion 100 million yuan,
an increase of 39%; GMV reached 742 billion yuan,
exceeding Wall Street expectations.
2016 fiscal year,
Ali retail platform GMV breakthrough 3 trillion,
an increase of 27%; the previous quarter retail platform revenue reached 18 billion 340 million yuan,
representing an increase of 41% over the same period last year,
this growth momentum led BAT.
The new fiscal year,
Alibaba GMV is expected to exceed the Swedish GDP impact of the world's twentieth largest economy,
fiscal year 2020 is expected to burst into the world's top 15 economies.
Beijing time on the evening of May 5,
Alibaba group announced fiscal fourth 2016 quarter earnings,
as well as fiscal year 2016 results.
The fourth quarter of the fiscal year,
Alibaba group

These two kinds of dried fruit every day to eat anti

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Sitting on the 120G goddess model car is what kind of experience?

of the auto show can not see the car models! Red net has become a rare disaster caused by flooding water,
animal models.
Those years,
a born beauty difficult to abandon myself,
not cosmetics also are now endangered Mayan models! The protection of all cars,
~ legend,
there is an old driver,
[K] the old lake person all over the world to the goddess models,
but also possession of dry cargo!!! Down down down down down: it is said that there is such a goddess! By: is this a few car vision Zhang also did not look fun real welfare here 120G beautiful SkyDrive down down down the reply: chemo view the goddess.

So you can be 10 years younger

t published the most popular micro fitness fitness platform click on the top of blue on global health guide,
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