This ampamp regret not regret

ring  about it today and regret it.
We always choose,
and always regret when we choose.
When we are old,
it is a bit sad if we regret too much.
When I was a child,
I always wanted to grow up quickly.
When I grew up,
I always wanted to go back to childhood.
When you grow up,
you will begin to experience different life,
begin to make different choices,
and begin to regret.
Some things are not necessary to regret,
and some regret can be avoided.
Although everyone knows the truth,
but the truth is the truth,
remember that the heart may be useful at some point,
for example.
Dont regret and some people encounter or separation if not met the TA.
now what they really want to return to,
who met and are unable to change the past part company each going his own way,
because there is no good,
because can meet the.
Dont regret having been in love with TA.
You once thought,
this person is the person I spend the rest of my life with.
Did you regret it? Recalled once together day,
the mouth

These are cheap and can pretend to buy a small car must be cool

ring a friend asked me to say I love the car especially sports car,
but the car is really too expensive simply can not afford to buy,
there is no appearance at work,
the most inexpensive civilian small car,
to recommend a few,
so I gave him recommended the following car.
- modern lawns - cool (import) price 23.
96 lawns - cool body size is 4630*1865*1385mm,
wheelbase 2820mm.
Cool carrying 2.
0T 260 horsepower L4 and 3.
8L 347 horsepower V6 engine,
matching 6 shift manual and 8 shift manual gearbox.
Lawns - cool price is very close to the people,
the entry-level manual is 2.
time is low with 8 speed tiptronic automatic transmission models,
and even large displacement of V6 engine,
but the price is close to 400 thousand.
Cool appearance of fashion,
0T engine power,
configuration higher.
In terms of handling,
it does not compromise on comfort,
not for sheer manipulation,
because it is not a pure track sport car.
In addition,
the wheelbase of cool even 2820mm,
even if it is,
it is only suitable f

Replenishment booking instructions French KiETLA baby Sunglasses

ring s Ki,
baby sunglasses T2,
T4 stage has been sold out,
we have an urgent communication with the general agent replenishment issues,
reply as follows: T2 and T4 sunglasses have not been in stock for a short period of time.
T3 (2-4 years old) Sunglasses currently have a batch of 8 colors are in customs clearance,
about 2 weeks after shipment.
As a result,
we will make a replenishment order at 10 a.
this morning.
(a new product link is added to our shop,
please note the time of delivery).
In addition,
the first time we buy so many colors of products,
yesterdays group of goods and goods on the color description is not clear,
we hope you forgive.
Todays article and the shop page will give you a more accurate description of the colors.
Replenishment: T3 sunglasses,
suggested age: 2~4 years old.
Group purchase quantity: 8 colors (rice,
Shan Huhong),
total 1200.
Price: 290 yuan.
Group buying price: 246 yuan,
and then give 20 yuan store shopping c

Why are there 800 thousand people watch a watermelon is how the band Le burst

ring  Buzzfeed released its latest product - a video app called BuzzFeed Video,
and an international instant messaging App BuzzFeed NEWS.
Buzzfeed also follow live trend,
made a look very boring live show - about 800000 people watch a watermelon is how the rubber band around the burst.
Its selected explosion watermelon this theme seems to be two,
but in fact there is a big mystery.
two BuzzFeed employees sit at a table,
dressed in overalls,
wearing goggles,
in the middle of a watermelon and a bunch of rubber bands.
Their task was to test the watermelon for how long it would last after it had been put on a piece of rubber.
In an hour,
the stress on the watermelon and the audience showed exponential growth.
By social networking site Facebook live,
at the peak once about 800000 people watching at the same time.
At the end of the video,
buzzfeed received over 318000 comments and shared it with over 8400 people.
The experiment of BuzzFeed quickly spawned imitators,
fortune Digital Media Edi

Boys are so cute, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

i? + + + + @ micro-blog: not what no normal human studies in the heart of a talent called Chen Zhenghao to do their own reading,
reading with other customers like numbers are not the same as he was in the ctrl+c ctrl+v click on the upper right to share: QQ space friends click to view the data,
free of attention

Reflect on the earthquake reconstruction, Sichuan official software can not keep up, hardware everywhere

ring e,
the Sichuan provincial housing department deputy director Qiu Jian,
Dujiangyan city is aided by Shanghai,
building schools,
the hardware facilities than three fortunately,
but theres no doctor,
nurse can not keep up,
the intern reporter Luo Ruiyao meet the eye everywhere,
I say it today but the results,
too much.
but the problem really exists.
(reconstruction) of large investment,
high cost,
and high standard ,
eight years after the Wenchuan earthquake since the reconstruction of experience,
Sichuan provincial housing department deputy director,
chief planner Qiu Jian said that the main lesson is: should be more rational and practical implementation of the reconstruction work,
avoid the investment cost is too large,
standard the problem of high; we should also increase to match the hardware and software talents in the disaster area.
2016 was the Wenchuan earthquake,
8th anniversary.
In May 12th,
in Wenchuan,
Yaan hosted the two earthquake disaster recovery and reconstruc

What can you do with a bath with a girl?

udent days,
business contacts QQ:800034192 can stand together more than who looks at the urine.
Take a bath.
What else can you do,
surfing? The men and women have a bath,
the water temperature difference is too big,
must not wash together!! • spit,
brush your teeth and spit on your body.
Can you observe what she usually does for a bath? After two hours,
what's the matter? What can you do with a bath? Should the and .
what is meant to remove it - I was doing.
So I don't let him in her chest - her waist and her legs to see her ass look worse than me I'm a girl! Ha ha ha,
when she shampoo,
always pour shampoo on her hair To be scalded by her! The bath water is the same as the boiled water! The shopkeeper says he can't wash the water.
He can only wipe it with a damp cloth

Is the list of the richest University Libraries in the mainland your alma mater?

ring e say that the university library is the materialization of its soul.
Whose library is the most beautiful,
whose library is the most intimate,
and whose library has the most feelings,
these appraisals can always win.
The pragmatic squash school (pumpkinschool) is concerned with another question: which library has the most money? This paper from the school: Pumpkin ID:pumpkinschool long according to the recognition of two-dimensional code attention profile for the tens of millions of students in University circles the first public university,
the original,
secret code,
PubMed Raiders,
job information,
a master.
I do not know if you have such an experience: there is a much-needed book,
but the library can not find the school,
other peoples homes,
schools have,
inter school transfer,
but also a sum of money.
Papers need a very important article,
but their library has not bought a database to download,
really want to cry without tears ah.
Both of these are related to an important topic.

She threw the tea into the pot when she was cooking, and her husband could not understand the result

ppiness and delivering health! Online shopping mall: www.
com tea and rice are Chinese traditional crops,
perhaps you did not expect to put these two things together,
it is a natural disease prevention top grade.
Tea cooking has roots in ancient Chinese medical classics and folk customs.
According to Chinese Materia Medica records,
with tea cooking food for a long time is thin,
Yunnan tea township of Lincang also spread the tea but delicious cooking,
but fun Festival folk songs.
This shows that cooking with tea has a long history of food culture.
prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease,
tea polyphenols can enhance the toughness of blood vessels,
reduce blood cholesterol,
inhibit atherosclerosis.
Middle-aged and elderly people often eat tea,
can soften blood ve

Teach you how to eat meat, not fat, follow these ten dishes to do properly

letinous edodes,
send you a letinous edodes Braised Tofu,
for meat lovers,
if the lack of meat dishes,
what is the fun of life?! But the summer is coming,
in order to wear nice clothes,
a lot of people are determined to abandon the love of meat.
But as long as the amount of intake,
and choose a healthy way of cooking to eat meat,
the meat is not long.
Carnivorous animal fast action ~ finishing release / is do not eat fat food | 1.
ingredients: 300g | boiled shrimp shrimp,
garlic 3,
ginger 2,
liquor 50ml,
50ml oil,
soy sauce 15ml.
Practice: 1,
shrimp bought with water after a 30 minutes,
garlic into garlic,
ginger cut into 1 pieces of Jiang Rong,
the other 1 pieces of ginger slices.
another dish of fresh water to just cover the shrimp,
pour 30ml liquor.
their beard and shrimp head

Interpretation of Western media analysis, Latin American left-wing regime has fallen, there are common reasons

ring News Network May 14 daily west media said the Latin American left-wing totem like Domino,
with a relentless fall.
Although the policies of Chavez,
the Labour Party and Morales of Bolivia differ from each other,
they belong to the left wing.
The more than 10 year left wing in South America has heard the death knell.
According to Spains national newspaper website on May 12th article,
in Venezuela to high inflation and high crime rate recently suffered a heavy blow to the Chavez doctrine in the legislature; the Kirchner doctrine has been out of the office of the president; President Morales has clearly hopeless; even the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet for pure fame because of his son involved in financial scandals by now defiled; started by Lula,
Rosoff inherited and throughout South America highly respected political program was a way to impeachment,
the whole of Brazil into recession and corrupt ice.
On May 12th,
in the office of the president of Prana Alto house,
on be

Europeans believe that China has overtaken the United States as a global superpower

ring News Network reported on May 14th,
media said,
if the Europeans in one thing coincide with Donald Trump,
then the United States is losing to china.
China is trying to improve its image in Europe and,
by the way,
invested a lot of money.
The Chinese are gaining influence and friends.
According to Bloomberg News website on May 12th article,
a global study of Pugh,
the major countries in Europe,
the vast majority of people think that Chinese will replace the United States as the global superpower,
or Chinese has replaced the United States.
Pugh in this study,
the blue color represents the view to China will never replace the United States as the superpower ,
to Chinese gray represents views will replace or has replaced the United States as the superpower .
The countries from left to right are France,
Italy and Poland.
The same study shows that in Germany and France,
more and more people believe that China,
not the United States,
is the worlds leading econo

Reporters interviewed on the Road civilization comity, return on the road was...

ring  station with comity cards at the zebra crossing to remind the traffic reporter Wu Yiying photo good living! This is the first sentence of a journalist who has just been through a traffic accident.
Yesterday afternoon,
the reporter interviewed the first batch of civilized demonstration Ningbo zebra crossing situation.
According to the reporter observed the scene,
strict control measures effect is obvious.
But at the end of the interview,
a reporter with a car without a slow car was hit in a zebra crossing the road back to the unit.
Two different zebra zebra pattern: arrange the Police Association and the volunteers to warn the vehicle passing vehicles through the intersection of almost all will automatically slow down the afternoon of May 10th,
the Ningbo municipal civilization office led joint Ningbo City Public Security Bureau and other 10 units jointly issued in 2016 in Ningbo city civilized travel series of activities to implement the program.
One of the focuses of the meeting is that

Ali earnings exceeded Wall Street expected to impact the world's twentieth largest economy

of last quarter,
Alibaba revenue 24 billion 100 million yuan,
an increase of 39%; GMV reached 742 billion yuan,
exceeding Wall Street expectations.
2016 fiscal year,
Ali retail platform GMV breakthrough 3 trillion,
an increase of 27%; the previous quarter retail platform revenue reached 18 billion 340 million yuan,
representing an increase of 41% over the same period last year,
this growth momentum led BAT.
The new fiscal year,
Alibaba GMV is expected to exceed the Swedish GDP impact of the world's twentieth largest economy,
fiscal year 2020 is expected to burst into the world's top 15 economies.
Beijing time on the evening of May 5,
Alibaba group announced fiscal fourth 2016 quarter earnings,
as well as fiscal year 2016 results.
The fourth quarter of the fiscal year,
Alibaba group

These two kinds of dried fruit every day to eat anti

cle (amy6562) --- health is the first wealth of life! Health is a state of mind! Know something about your health,
your body and your own decisions! When two kinds of fruits become dry,
they not only have more flavor,
but also improve their nutritional value greatly! Strong recommended anti blood nourishing heart excellent food! Raisins,
iron rich: raisins contain iron is 15 times fresh grape,
and raisins also contains a variety of minerals,
vitamins and amino acids,
is the body of anemia.
Raisins can promote digestion: raisins contain tartaric acid,
which helps digestion of the gastrointestinal tract.
Raisins in the dietary fiber,
but also adsorption of intestinal wall toxins,
and promote detoxification.
Raisins also help protect the cardiovascular: research shows that raisins ca

Sitting on the 120G goddess model car is what kind of experience?

of the auto show can not see the car models! Red net has become a rare disaster caused by flooding water,
animal models.
Those years,
a born beauty difficult to abandon myself,
not cosmetics also are now endangered Mayan models! The protection of all cars,
~ legend,
there is an old driver,
[K] the old lake person all over the world to the goddess models,
but also possession of dry cargo!!! Down down down down down: it is said that there is such a goddess! By: is this a few car vision Zhang also did not look fun real welfare here 120G beautiful SkyDrive down down down the reply: chemo view the goddess.

So you can be 10 years younger

t published the most popular micro fitness fitness platform click on the top of blue on global health guide,
I said,
is to let your knees can often run and play at the age of ten young friends all know that knee injury prone,
and difficult to recover,
MAX recommended 10 minutes a day,
to be completed in 3 groups,
every 3 minutes or so,
after a period of time,
you will find your knee 10 years younger! NO.
1 NO.
2 NO.
3 NO.
4 NO.
5 every day to practise your knee 10 years younger than their peers in -END- / MAX graphic compilation God source Sina micro-blog reprint please contact MAX (picture / text if infringement,
please contact QQ:2208807496 delete) WeChat ID:yujiazhinan long press fingerprint recognition MAX strongly recommended you click attention: read the text for muscle dating activities!